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Wayne Dalton garage doors – Wayne Dalton offers two types of garage door openers: the ceiling mount and the wall mount. The innovative wall mount opener eliminates the need for belts and chains that clutter your garage’s ceiling. These openers are called iDrive openers and are designed to work with Wayne Dalton garage doors. These are the basic most technologically advanced openers now available. It sticks to your garage’s wall, right above the door. The iDrive opener works on the torsion system that is appropriate for both sectional and and wood doors. It also has several safety features that you will not finding regular garage doors.

When installing iDrive freeport garage doors openers you will still need cable snubbers or cable drum warps. These will likely be necessary to keep the door counterbalanced. It will prevent the door from unspooling if it detects an obstruction. The iDrive garage opener operates at a frequency of 372 MHz and have to be installed directly on the door’s center. It can be placed anywhere along the TorqueMaster tube, you just have to make sure that leave enough disconnect cable to hang at the least 6 feet off the ground. The iDrive opener comes with a power wire that is 6 feet long, but 15 feet extender cords are available as well.

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The iDrive garage door opener is deficient in any width limitations, your door can not be higher than 8 feet and must weigh below 225 pounds. When first installing the garage opener you will have to run the install routine to test if of it is operating correctly.

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